About Us


One Go Travel LLC is a one stop solution in travel, tours and hospitality segment in the UAE and around the globe. With an extensive network of professionals, we provide a full range of services including visa processing, ticketing, hotel reservation, insurance, cargo, vehicle rentals, chartered flights, packaged inbound and outbound tours and many more customized services.

Travelling assures to rejuvenate and ignite the soul, and One Go is dedicated in providing the best travel experience in every economical, luxurious, family value, secured and adventurous possibilities. The travel itineraries are solely and wholly based our travelling understandings, therefore eliminates the fear of pitfalls or derail in any trips. Each itinerary developed by One Go travel is personalized and created for the specific requirements under the guidance of our professional team.


The concept of OneGo Travel began in response to friends and professionals seeking travel advice. Then and thereafter, the team initiated the travel journey, and framed convenient travel solutions and travel packages based on expertise and pure experiences. One Go Travel LLC is a single entity that provides customized travel, tours and hospitality services for global destinations.

One Go Travel is a subsidiary company of an international group of companies having more than two decades of experience and more than USD 300 million of turnover operating businesses from Dubai, Singapore and Nepal, One Go Travel has deep rooted professional and ethical business values to deliver reliable and superior services to the clients and partners. Our international companies have also been running hotel & chain of restaurants and is furthermore affiliated with IATA approved Travel Companies including Sea Link Travel and Tours, Nepal, etc. which has guided One Go Travel to earn the trust and loyalty of clients and stakeholders.


Our mission is to provide our global clients with exceedingly competitive and secured bespoke travel facilities through round the clock services for Air travel, holiday packages, hotel reservations, transfers, travel insurance, vehicle rentals, chartered flights, yachts and many more.


Our vision is to enhance and endure the existing global tourism and travelling pattern by providing a lifetime experience to each client and through adaptation of sustainable tourism practices.


We are guided by our Core Values to deliver the best services:
United we stand in collaboration with our global stakeholders to organize the best experience and speedy solutions to all your travel requirements.

With a single purpose to accept change, we drive in more creativity and innovation to our products.

Our passion for travel empowers us to provide you with enriched services assembled with our experience and expertise.

We believe in empowering the surrounding to create overall prosperous and sustainable space.


Varied Options

In strong collaboration with travel consultants and the global service providers, we are able to offer extensive range of options to address all your travel needs. Within each service segment, we are able to provide you with numerous hand-picked choices to select from.

Competitive Offers

Our strong professional relation with the various operators of the hospitality segment, including airlines, hotels, vehicle rentals, entertainment service providers etc. gives us the leverage to present very competitive offers to our valued clients without compromising the service quality.

Extensive Support

Our travel advisors are available for your service 24X7. Whatever be your travel queries, we link you up with the experts to address your needs. We believe in providing family like treatment to our clients and prioritize their comfort and safety to make them feel at home wherever they travel. We have maintained extensive global network to provide utmost prompt services even during extreme situations. In any situation, our clients will find us troubleshooting anything that hinders their ease.

Loyalty Benefits

We know the worth of our loyal customers and always try to appreciate their support. We come up with exclusive deals for our regular clients. For any individual or corporate client who have remained with us for long term, we even provide packages with exclusive financial terms/ benefits.

Passion for Travel

Our entire team is passionate about travel. Our passion drives us to provide you with the best of travel experience. We provide you with the best advice through our expertise.

Tailor-Made Packages

Whatever be your travel motive and budget, our consultants listen to your requirements, understand what you need and what might be the best option to you and provide you with exclusive services bundled into packages that is entirely personalized for you.