International Business Network Group (IBN Group) is one of the most distinguished and leading group of organizations in Nepal with a diverse global portfolio.

Since its establishment in 1996, IBN group has partnered with local and international associate manufacturers/suppliers and service providers to offer leading edge technologies and services to various governmental and non-governmental sectors.

IBN Group has been operating its businesses from Nepal, Singapore and Dubai through companies dedicated in diverse business fields mainly: power and alternative energy, telecommunication, printing and minting, project management, consultancy, hospitality sectors, information technology, aviation, real estate etc.

IBN Group has been operating globally through following companies:

International Business Network Pvt. Ltd., Nepal

Global Application and System Solution Pvt. Ltd., Nepal

Tianyi Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd., Nepal

IBN Multiple Pvt. Ltd., Nepal

One Go International Pvt. Ltd, Nepal

Global Trading Business Concern FZ-LLC, Dubai

Global Business & Service Consultancy Pte. Ltd., Singapore